More than development. Norwalk redevelopment.

The City of Norwalk is  …..

The latest presentation of the public informations session is linked below

Public Information Session Presentations (pdf)


Draft Parking Master Plan

Recognizing the expense, congestion, underutilization of valuable land that all the parking that would be required for the new development we are anticipating in the urban corridor, the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency has commissioned a Parking Master Plan. The Agency, a Parking Advisory Committee and FHI, the Agency’s Connectivity consultants have produced a draft of this […]

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West Avenue Landscape Design Plans Community Forum

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment in topics we’ve posted for you below, or add a general comment here.

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Norwalk River Valley Trail

The Norwalk River Valley Trail is an off-road direct link between SoNo and Wall Street. It’s easy to lose though, around Mathews Park, where it crosses from the east side of West Avenue to the west. What are your thoughts on how this connection could be improved?

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Art, Art, Everywhere – or is it?

Is the inclusion of art in public space important? Many say so! How can the work of local artists be displayed along the West Avenue? Should it be?

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What have you seen elsewhere?

Are other communities doing things we should consider to help make the streets human-scale? At the same time, how do we keep West Avenue uniquely Norwalk?

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Mathews Park is a Gem!

What improvements are needed to maintain Mathews Park as the community asset it already is, while fostering better connections to get people to and from it? Lighting, particularly at night, is one issue. How would you like to see this centerpiece of the Norwalk’s urban corridor treated, especially at its entrance along West Avenue?

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Everyone needs to SLOW DOWN!

Many voices spoke out at the community workshop about the speed of traffic on West Avenue. What are your thoughts on how to slow traffic, making the Avenue safer for all who use it – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians?

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Bike Lanes or Bust?

Many residents have expressed concerns about the absence of dedicated bike lanes in the landscape design plans being proposed for West Avenue. Are these an immediate-term must have? Or if we find that there is not broad-based community support for bike lanes, should we still move forward with the other improvements proposed in the plan that, […]

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