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Landscape Design Improvements Proposed for West Avenue



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The Redevelopment Agency has been hard at work advancing the streetscape improvement recommendations of the Connectivity Master Plan. Together with design and engineering firm Milone and MacBroom, we are drafting a comprehensive landscape design plan for the West Avenue corridor that calls for a substantial increase in the number of street trees; improvements to Heritage Park, the Art Park and both planned and existing medians; bricked crosswalks across West Avenue; shared bike and car lanes and several pedestrian plazas that include bus shelters, benches, bike racks and newsstands. Please click on the image above to see excerpts from a presentation of the proposed improvements, but keep in mind this is still a draft!

We have held two community workshops and conducted a survey seeking feedback on the improvements we are proposing. We received some great input and recommendations which included the following:

-connections to Mathews Park need to be improved

-public art should be included;

-utilities, street lights and signs should not be placed on sidewalks in a way that impedes pedestrian movement

-there is need for additional crosswalks across West Avenue

-designated bike lanes should be reconsidered given concerns about the safety/usefulness of the proposed sharrows;

-if designated bike lanes are not included that we should avoid installing infrastructure that would preclude their future inclusion throughout the corridor;

-street trees should be canopy trees that are more consistent in type in order to better unite the disparate sections of West Ave.

It seems that there is a general consensus that the plantings (if well-maintained) and the enhanced crosswalks proposed throughout the corridor are good and meaningful improvements. We understood improved lighting, sidewalk improvements under the I-95 and Route 7 overpasses, and landscaping of existing medians, to be immediate priorities.

There was A LOT more feedback than can be summarized here – a much more comprehensive summary of what we heard in the workshops and received as survey responses is available here.

Thanks to all those of you who participated in the planning process – this is a better plan because of your input. We encourage your continued support as we move this forward in a request for Common Council approval, and given approval, as we move toward implementation!