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Maritime Garage to Washington Street

It is common to hear that “there’s not enough parking in SoNo,” especially in the context of discussions about night-time visits to the district. In fact, there is usually ample available parking a quick 5-minute walk away at the Maritime Parking Garage. When this is pointed out to people, the discussion turns to the pedestrian experience which lies between the garage and SoNo — one that, it seems, few are willing to tolerate. This map shows the most direct route between the Maritime Garage and Washington Street, and the route taken in the video that follows, during the daytime and at night.

From the top floor of the garage to mid-block Washington Street, the walk takes 5 minutes 30 seconds.  It crosses one intersection and two curb cuts (walking on the west side of the street).  We would encourage your thoughts and comments especially with regard to issues of visibility, conditions of the sidewalk, and the overall pedestrian experience and how it could be improved in order to achieve better usage of the Maritime Garage by SoNo patrons.

Daytime Video:

Nighttime Video: