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Norwalk Bike-Ped Plan Existing Conditions Draft Available

Norwalk’s Planning Department has released the first major work product of their Pedestrian and Bikeway Transportation Plan, a draft “Introduction and Existing conditions Technical Memorandum.”  You can download it from their project page, here.  The report has some interesting information about crash data and the panoply of local, regional, and state planning guidance that it is drawing on to inform its analysis.  The report also notes that “many” (it doesn’t say what “many” amounts to, or if its speaking in national or local terms) trips are less than 3 miles in length, yet 72% of even those trips get made by car.  In Norwalk, where roughly half the workforce also works locally, it goes on to say, there’s some significant untapped potential for Norwalk bicycle commuting.  Two side-by-side maps also show some significant crossover between residential and employment centers.  I’m unsure what the feedback mechanism is, but since this is being released as a “draft,” presumably there is one.  Download the plan and let ’em know what you think!