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Paid Parking = Business Killer?

This is a claim that has bedeviled the parking debate in Norwalk for quite some time, and one which I recently pledged to investigate more rigorously.

I do not offer the following as a conclusion to that investigation, but merely as an interesting nugget from the articles I’ve run across thus far.  It’s applicability to Norwalk is open to question, as is the validity of the findings and “data” themselves.  But what it does show is that the debate itself is rich and worth having.

This is a post from a blog in Seattle looking at a parking issue that, to me, is very reminiscent of one we’ve been having in South Norwalk:

In brief, people took sides on a shift in parking policy in Seattle’s Chinatown, where they expanded the hours during which you had to pay for parking.  One of the claims made, as you might expect, was that it was killing business by “as much as 50%,” while other research was done that claimed to disprove those assertions.

The article — and some of the comments — is definitely worth a read.