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Parking and the Pedestrian Experience

Of the many parking problems Norwalk faces, believe it or not, supply is not one of them.  As this map shows, proximity, also, does not appear to be the problem.  Rather, according to stakeholder interviews, Norwalk’s problem appears to be one of simply not liking the parking that’s most available.  Since people can access sufficient, nearby, parking spaces, one theory that has emerged in user surveys for why they don’t is the negative pedestrian experience they face walking between the parking facilities and their destination.

As part of the Norwalk Urban Corridor Parking Plan, we offer here an interface for you to view and comment upon the actual experience of accessing downtown’s key off-street parking facilities .  Norwalk’s municpal parking operations are concentrated in the Wall Street and South Norwalk areas.  Click one to get started.

1.  Wall Street Area



2.  South Norwalk Area