More than development. Norwalk redevelopment.


Senior Considerations

As noted in a recent post, achieving Norwalk’s Connectivity goals has major economic development significance: Norwalk’s future workforce is rapidly disappearing, but has been demonstrated to gravitate to urban locales that offer genuinely appealing mobility alternatives to the transportation monomodalism Norwalk is mired in today.  That is the Connectivity argument for retaining the population which […]

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We’re Smart!

Apparently, we (by which I mean the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk metropolitan area) are smart (by which I mean well-educated)! In an article on, the Lumina Foundation, an organization focused on increasing college graduation, published a list compiled with census data of the top metro areas for college education.  Our metro area came in fifth in the […]

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Demographics and Connectivity

As has been noted recently in The Hour, Norwalk has been losing population in the important economic demographic of young adults, and gaining in its senior population.  This is also a statewide problem, and, to a lesser extent, a national one.  But what the US and Connecticut are experiencing as a flu, Norwalk seems to […]

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