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Masterplan Is Done!

The Task C report, which includes the Masterplan, was approved by the Norwalk Common Council at its March 27, 2012 meeting.  The final, approved version of the document is here and the Council action documenting its final approval is here.

The structure of the report probably bears explanation…

Like most reports of this kind, it includes an Executive Summary in the front of the document.  The body of the report starts 16 pages later with background information and goal statements to get the reader oriented.  From there, it introduces the broad strategies that the Connectivity initiative focused on, and discusses them in general terms as to why and how they were thought to be suitable for application in Norwalk.  Next, the document moves into the section actually referred to as the “Master Plan” wherein specific initiatives are proposed and explained in groupings consistent with the previous chapter, along with their prioritization, roll-out schedule, and cost estimates.

Download the Task C Report.