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Maps of the Connectivity area

Maps of the study area.

Wall Street Area Parking

click for a .pdf of this map As shown in the map above, virtually every significant destination within the Wall Street area lies within easy walking distance of the district’s largest parking facility, the Yankee Doodle Parking Garage (“easy walking distance” being defined as less than 1,320 feet, or 5 minutes at average walking speed).   […]

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Yankee Doodle to Main & Wall

The intersection of Wall and Main Streets is arguably the center of this downtown area, sometimes referred to as “Norwalk Center.” The center of the center, if you will. Access to and from this point is critical to Wall Street’s continued revitalization. The Yankee Doodle Garage is the district’s largest resource, with 410 parking spaces. […]

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Cool 3D Map of The Plan Area

Using our in-house GIS resources and Google “SketchUp,” Agency and DPW staff have produced a 3-d massing model of the study area.  SketchUp is a free download from Google.  Check out the model, if you like.  We’re also working on a way to make it available for collaborative development, as the buildings have yet to […]

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Quarter-mile Walk Radii

As this map shows, each of the downtown areas is within a 5-minute walk radius of the one above and below it.  West Avenue is shown with a theoretical high-frequency circulator running back and forth along the corridor between the bus hub and the train hub, connecting the development zones in between at the stops […]

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Already In the Works

During the course of this initiative, there have been a number of occasions where someone (and sometimes it’s been me!) has said, “Why the heck aren’t we doing something about ‘x’?!” when, in fact, it turns out, we are.  These are projects that have been moving along the continuum of getting approved and funded for […]

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Wayfinding Districts

This is a Google map put together by the Wayfinding and Heritage Tourism Task Group on 3/10/11 with the consultants, representing ideas of where downtown’s districts were, as well as key gateways to the downtown, and obvious locations for wayfinding hubs.

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