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Best Practices – Parking

Our consultant for the Urban Corridor Parking Plan surveyed best practices for parking that might be applicable for Norwalk.  This is his report.

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Comparable: Hoboken?

I’m souring on the notion of community “comparables.”  I challenge anyone out there to find two communities that are identical in enough ways that any given planning initiative achieved in one can be achieved with certainty in the other.  Even if one succeeds in identifying a community that closely fits the demographic profile of your […]

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Topical Blogs and Sites

The following sites often provide content that is informative on the topic of downtown connectivity. Streetfilms Streetsblog The Transport Politic Good Transportation Matters Livable Norwalk Planetizen Walk Score Overhead Wire Reconnecting America

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Links to Related Initiatives

DPW’s Transportation Management Plan Redevelopment’s Transit-Oriented Development Plan Planning’s Bicycle Master Plan The Norwalk River Valley Trail The Hartford Connectivity Initiative: iQuilt Hartford’s iQuilt initiative is a “culture-based urban design plan” for downtown Hartford, focused on linking pedestrians, mainly via its “Greenwalk,” to the downtown’s 45 cultural assets and destinations.  If that description doesn’t make […]

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Selected Readings

Fareless Transit Working with TOD-resistant Lenders The High Cost of Free Parking ‘Walker’s Paradise’ in Denver Saves Room for Lots of Parking The Making of a “Complete Street” Other Cities Dealing with the Overpass A Primer on (the geometry of) Downtown Bicycling A Primer on (the points of) More Downtown Bicycling Safer traffic overall Healthier […]

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Norwalk Redevelopment Agency

At the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency, all of our energies and resources go into enhancing the physical, economic and social environment of the Norwalk community. We work here. We live here. We’re proud of — and know firsthand — Norwalk’s present advantages and future opportunities. Set your sights, through this site, on Norwalk — you’ll be […]

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